Stash Box

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This is a two-piece rectangular box with lid made of Solid Surface material and lined with Cedar. It perfectly fits a sandwich bag without folding or bending. It can be used to stash anything that will fit and will do so with style. Corian is non-porous and will not absorb water, bacteria, or stains. It is sanded so it's not rough or sharp to the hands.

It's sleek, smooth, and if you remove the wood, it can even hold water! Don't know why you would need it to, but hey. The internet said it's possible, so you gotta try, right?

•Approximate overall outside dimensions: 6" width x 8" length x 3" height
•Approximate overall inside dimensions: 5" width x 7" length x 1 3/4" height

Corian is a solid surface counter-top material developed

and produced by Dupont. All of my designs are hand-crafted.

Please allow some discrepancy for manual measurements. The
pictures taken are the closet representation of the true color. Many
factors, such as lighting, surrounding objects, and sheen of the
object, will affect the perception of the color.

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Stash Box

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