All products -purchased or free- come with a Basic License as standard.


Disappearing Diamonds’ Basic License allows you to create an unlimited number of personal use products & limited commercial use products.

Acceptable Use: 

- Unlimited projects for yourself, family members, and friends.
- Up to 100 projects for commercial use to be sold to customers, however:
                            • 1. Your business must not gross more than $200,000 a year.
                            • 2. You may use a design for no more than 100 sales.

              Commercial use examples include: 

                   • Making physical crafts/artwork and selling them at craft fairs and/or online. (may be solely
                                    my design)
                   • Making flyers for a client, printing and distributing them.
                   • Using products downloaded/purchased from me in an app, which is available to download
                                    to a mobile device.
                   • Using products downloaded/purchased from me in your favourite software such as Cricut
                                    Design Space, Silhouette Studio, and Adobe Illustrator to make an ‘end product’ for sale. 
Non-acceptable Use: 
- Distributing files downloaded/purchased from me in any manner, including: selling,
        giving away for free, or as part of a package of products. 
- Allowing more than one user to use items downloaded/purchased from me to make
        projects for personal or commercial use. 
- Using products downloaded/purchased from us in TV, film, music video, or any other
        broadcast production.
- Creating a digital product to sell which only consists of a design which closely
        resembles the design element downloaded/purchased from me.

If you need an extended license for commercial use, please contact me at prior to purchase.